Instant Win Money offers a total of nine instant win games, only. offers four scratch cards games, four guess screen games and 1 cards game. All of the instant win money games can be played for money or for fun and do not require players to download anything to their computer but can be played online.

Win Money Instantly

The more money you bet, the higher the chance for your to win money instantly. While all of our instant win scratch card and guess screen games have different odds, the amount you can bet is the same for all of the instant win games. The minimum ticket price for the scratch card games is $1 while the maximum ticket price is $10 with the tickets in-between going up in increments of $2. Depending on the instant win game, winnings for a $1 bet vary between $0.25 for finding one treasure chest and between $20 and $300 according to each individual instant win game and whether the maximum number of treasure chests is 3 or 4.  Huge Treasure offers the highest winnings with the impressive easy cash sum of $3000 for finding all 4 treasure chests.

Among the guess screen games, the ticket prices also range between $1 and $10 with the maximum amount of potential money winnings ranging from $0.25 for finding one treasure chest on a $1 bet to $2.5 for a $10 bet. If you are lucky enough to find all 3 or 4 treasure chests, depending on the instant win money game, your easy cash winnings will be a minimum of $20 for a $1 bet to a maximum of $3000 for a $10 bet. Among the guess screen games, Magnificent Prize offers the best winnings, closely followed by Step by Step which is the hardest of the games.

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